Medical Oxygen Equipment for Sale

Summit Oxygen is an oxygen equipment supplier that offers the best, high-quality products.

Home oxygen concentrator

The best home oxygen concentrator for sale and rent from your go-to supplier, Summit Oxygen, Inc. Improve your lifestyle with our affordable equipment!

Oxygen tank

Here at Summit Oxygen, we offer oxygen tanks for sale of various sizes to help you enjoy your time in Rocky Mountain State or improve your health.

Oxygen Accessories

Whether you are looking for a super soft nasal cannula, an oxygen mask or a “Y” splitter, Summit Oxygen has a wide variety of oxygen accessories for both comfort and convenience.

Portable oxygen concentrator

Looking for affordable portable oxygen concentrators for sale? Purchase affordable medical equipment from our selection, and you’ll never have to worry about oxygen supply again!

FAQ Questions

If you are looking for oxygen equipment for sale in Summit County, Summit Oxygen, a medical oxygen supplier in Frisco CO, has the supplies that you need. We have a wide variety of oxygen equipment for purchase including some of the quietest concentrators on the market, CPAP equipment, tanks and cylinders, regulators, nebulizers, oxygen tubing, nasal cannulas, pulse oximeters and more. We offer great prices on new and used equipment!

Keep in mind that not all oxygen equipment is rated for the altitude. The medical oxygen equipment we use is all tested and guaranteed to work at high altitude. So consult the high altitude experts at Summit Oxygen before purchasing equipment. Our concentrators are quiet enough to have in the room with you while you sleep, easy to set up and use. Our qualified staff will give you complete instructions on how to use it. The devices we offer take ambient air and filter out everything, except for the oxygen. Our products will assist you in experiencing a restful night’s sleep at high altitudes or recover after an intensive workout.
Watch our instructional video on how to use an oxygen concentrator and a youtube instructional video on how to properly attach a regulator to an oxygen tank.
Also, Summit Oxygen offers oxygen equipment rental with low cost daily and weekly rates for your health-related needs or a convenient vacation at your favorite ski resort.

Best Oxygen Equipment Supplies in your location

Our office in Frisco, CO, provides oxygen equipment supplies to surrounding towns such as Summit County,Breckenridge, Keystone, Copper Mountain, Dillon, and local ski resorts. Moreover, we offer oxygen bar equipment to make any large event, such as weddings, conferences, and family get-togethers, fun and memorable. Summit Oxygen, Inc. provides oxygen equipment supplies that include portable and stationery products. Additionally, we have services such as an on-call physician, tank refill, and many more for your convenience and well-being at your favorite ski resort. Contact us at (970)-468-0142 to get more detailed information about products and prices.


Evelyn E.
My husband forgot part of his CPAP machine in Denver where we had spent the weekend. We still had five nights in the mountains before we would head back to Denver. We called, and Seth met us at the office that evening and fixed us up with a used part. Great job!
Amber R.
Had tests done and they sent the results the next day. Was called by them before the doctor about an oxygen prescription. They came and delivered equipment 1 hour after order was placed. Friendly and explained everything. Even cleared up some confusion from doctors office. Good people.
Ed F.
Ask for Jeff when need to supplement oxygen due to health reasons or if the elevation is getting you down... Fast and reliable service in summit county!
Molly G.
We used Summit Oxygen to rent an oxygen bar for our wedding up at Copper Mountain. We asked them to set up during dinner and it was SUCH a huge hit that we couldn't get our guests to sit back down for the next course! We got to pick different scents and our oxygen-tender (shamefully we can't remember her name!) was so lovely and helpful. They even include an oxygen and pulse monitor so you can see how you're doing! It was a fun and perfect addition to our night of memories, and they were smooth and helpful along the way.
Dennis M.
Small company and personalized service. I tried other cpap providers in this area, but found Summit O2 to be the best. This includes the best informed about what they are selling and why. They deal with very good quality equipment, especially important as we are located at 9,000 feet. They provided free loaner to me when the airlines damaged my cpap, and they contacted the manufacturer and quickly resolved the transfer of a new unit to me.
Shannon M.
My husband's 80+ parents came out from MA to visit and their doctor at home wouldn't give them an rx for O2. Summit O2 came out and set his parents up with a condenser. When it turned out dad needed more O2 we rented a second condenser and were able to apply the cost of the first rental towards the purchase of the condenser. Jeff came out on Labor Day to set everything up. Buying the condenser was a great deal and definitely improved my in-laws' stay. I'm glad we have one permanently for future guests too.