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Oxygen Concentrators – includes: 25ft extension tubing, connector and 1 cannula

First NightAdditional NightWeekly RateMonthly Rate
$130.00       $55.00   $295.00    $395.00

If you are looking for home oxygen concentrator rental in the Frisco, CO area, then look no further. Summit Oxygen Inc provides innovative medical equipment that is safe, affordable, and requires very little maintenance.


Stationary oxygen concentrators are useful medical devices used for delivering oxygen via special tubes. By separating nitrogen and extracting oxygen from ambient air, our machines supply our clients with a reliable, adjustable flow.


If you only need oxygen therapy for a short period of time, ordering medical oxygen concentrator rental services instead of purchasing equipment might be a good idea. We offer oxygen concentrators that will help you sleep well, alleviating the symptoms of altitude sickness such as nausea, headaches, fatigue, and others. We promise that our home oxygen concentrator rental services won’t leave you disappointed.


We not only offer home oxygen concentrator rental, but we also deliver other oxygen equipment rental services. In addition to it, we provide used and brand new concentrators for sale, with pricing available upon request.

Watch our instructional video on how to use an oxygen concentrator.


Designed to offer supplemental oxygen to people who are in need of daily oxygen therapy, the TruAire-5 Oxygen Concentrator is the ideal low-flow oxygen solution and works by producing concentrated oxygen from the air within the room.


The TruAire-5 Stationary Oxygen Concentrator produces concentrated oxygen using a molecular sieve and a pressure swing absorption process.


Featuring a humidifier band and securing the bottle in place to the device, the TruAire-5 delivers precision flow control thanks to a flow meter attached to the outlet port displaying oxygen output in liters per minute.


Seamless functionality is offered thanks to an easy to read power switch that indicates the mode of operation. Codes include “I” that indicates the device is running, and “O” to indicate that that oxygen is not being delivered. The concentrator and user are protected from dust contamination thanks to the unique intake filter. Cleaning and maintenance is easy to perform thanks to the filter access panel.


Only use the concentrator when the environment is dry and well ventilated. Store in a dry area away from damp, dust and electromagnetic interference. The concentrator should be positioned at least a foot away from furniture, walls, bedding and curtains to maximize airflow. Power should be delivered through a grounded electrical outlet.
  • Operating Ambient Temperature and Humidity
          41°F-104°F (5°C-40°C),
         ≤80% RH
  • Storage and Transport Temperature and Humidity
          32°F-131°F (0°C-55°C)
          10%-90% RH


Regular cleaning of the concentrator should be performed at least once a week in order to ensure a pure airflow. Should the environmental conditions be suboptimal, more frequent cleanings are recommended.
  • Once you have removed the intake cover, remove the sponge mesh filter
  • Clean water should be used to rinse the sponge before air drying
  • Replace the filter back into the device and attach cover once it is dry


  • Seamless operation
  • Offers oxygen therapy
  • Easy to clean
  • Colored on-off power button
  • Intake cover is removable


  • Manufactured by Compass Health
  • Product ID number: O2C5L
  • Voltage 120V 60HZ 
  • 0.5~5 L/min flow rate
  • 93 percent +-3% concentration (rated flow)
  • <= 50 dBA sound level
  • 35.5 lbs net weight
  • Digital purity sensor
  • Size: 13L x 10.25W x 21.25H inches
  • 3 year warranty

Summit Oxygen, Inc is determined to be your most reliable partner when it comes to the provision of oxygen services. Our rental units are the best option for anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle or test out new equipment.

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